Meet The Authors

Diane Wilks, B.A. (Hons)

Diane has been fascinated by the Medieval period and its art over many years, and her interest in rood screens and their images has resulted in her two books availabe here, through Azure Publications. The theological, artistic and even political messages contained in these images provide an interesting insight into the period before, during and after the Reformation and the rise of Iconoclasm in the early 1500s.

Despite the damage sustained by the rood screens in England during the Reformation and the English Civil War, there are still many images which have survived in thirty-nine churches in Devon. It has been Diane's intention to try to document these with colour photographs in order that others may enjoy some of these striking and beautiful paintings. The parlous state of some of the poorer churches has made this task more pressing.

Francis Davey

After reading Classics at New College, Oxford, Francis Davey taught for a number of years before becoming Headmaster of Merchant Taylors' School, London. He has written two books on medieval pilgrims: The Itineraries of William Wey (Bodleian Library, 2010) and Richard of Lincoln (Azure Publications, 2013) - both of whom went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the mid-fifteenth century.

Francis Davey and his wife have travelled extensively in the steps of both these pilgrims who probably never met, but whose routes would have crossed at Ostiglia on the River Po in northern Italy.

His most recent book, published in 2015 and offered here by Azure Publications, is on the subject of the surviving letters of Admiral Alan Gardner to family members and political figures in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The author includes copious notes and comments on these letters which give a strong insight into the lives of naval personnel in the battle against Napoleon and in the Admiral's triumphs and disappointments along the way.